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By: Leon Krugliakov

Introductory Guide to Web Scripting:JavaScript:

The best guide for web design and development for dummies and beginners

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Short Description

This book was crafted as an introductory course in web scripting. In this book, the reader will be exposed to introductory concepts of web scripting using the language JavaScript to create user side scripts. This book will help expand the reader's knowledge as a developer. This book is structured in the form of a guide that is meant to walk you step by step through some of the most challenging concepts of JavaScript. Those concepts include conditionals, loops, functions and much more information that will help the reader develop his career in the future. This is a perfect book for people who want short explanations and straightforward answers to some of the most daring questions that JavaScript has to offer. This book is also a continuation of the book "Beginner's guide to web development" that was also written by myself. If you have no background in HTML and CSS then I would strongly recommend reading that book prior to jumping into the material of this book.

Topics Covered

In the latest version of our introductory guide to web scripting book we went over the following subjects:


We go over what a variable is and the different types of variables that exist in JavaScript.

Logical Operators

We learn how to logically manipulate variables and DOM elements in our websites.

Data Types

We go in depth about what different variables mean and how to correctly use them to make sure our code doesn't have any bugs in it.


We learn how to reuse our code using functions. Everything from syntax to proper use is covered.


We go over the syntax and proper utilization of JavaScript objects.


We go over recursive programming using loops. For, foreach, while and do while loops are all covered.

Frequent Asked Questions

In here I will try to answer the most common questions I get about my book.

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01. What do I need to know going into this book?

You will need to have a very good understanding of HTML and CSS. This book builds heavily on those programming languages so better get good with those before picking up this book.

02. Will this teach me jQuery?

jQuery is simply a very popular JavaScript library that makes life a little bit easier when programming with JavaScript. This book will not go into any of the JavaScript libraries because then I would have to go over AngularJs, NodeJS and ReactJS.

03. How long will this book take?

This is not a very long book because I tried to focus on the most importent aspects of programming with JS. While most other books teach you a thousand things that you will never use, my book focuses only on the useful things that JavaScript has to offer. I would assume that if you read this book an hour a day it should take roughly a week and a half to finish.

04. Where to go after reading this book?

My book has an entire chapter dedicated to what you should do next. So do not worry about not knowing what to learn next.

Read On Any Device

Since this is a kindle book it is available on every device that is kindel app compatible. iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and dozens of other platforms.

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Know More About Author

Leon Krugliakov

Leon Krugliakov was born in Israel in 1999 and moved to the United States in 2013. Since then he began studying computer science and engineering.

Owns a web development company called STL Website Development and co-owns a marketing consulting company called Novakov Tech. Runs an online e-commerce store and writes books on the side.


My Other Books

This is a list of my three other books. Hopefully I will be releasing some more soon.

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